Meet the Owner

Timery La'Chelle, the owner and Creative Director of Shady Eyes Co

Hello There!

My name is Timery La'Chelle, I am the owner and creative director of Shady Eyes Co. This company was birthed from my love of sunglasses. Before crossing over from consumer to merchant, I was a big time sunglass shopper. I really enjoy matching fashionable eyewear with various outfits to create a stylish look with every frame. However, when I wanted to buy a certain pair of frames to achieve a different look, I would run into one or three issues. First, I had a hard time shopping for fashionable frames in one spot. Usually I would stumble upon a pair in passing but I didn't have a store in mind that I could go to when I needed stylish eyewear. Secondly, pricing was an issue. Because I switch my frames out so much, I couldn't find a place where I could purchase stylish/fashionable frames at an affordable price. Lastly, quality and durability, I would find very nice stylish frames however, they did absolutely NOTHING for my eyes. The lenses were untreated (Bummer!)

Soooo, here we are. I decided to turn my niche into a business. Making Shady Eyes Co a one stop shop for people like me. People who want sunglasses built on quality, craftsmanship, and comfort.

To assure product quality, each pair is handpicked by me based on quality, craftsmanship, and comfort. All of our eyewear is equipped with 100% UVA and UVB protection. That's great, right? So, not only do we provide a luxurious look at a fair price, we also provide clarity and comfort for every customer. 

I hope you all enjoy our products